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Renting the Bama Theatre

The Bama Theatre is available for rent by individuals and groups based in and outside of Tuscaloosa County. Events that have taken place in the theatre include concerts, musicals, plays, dance recitals, corporate meetings, film screenings and weddings. Rental does NOT include staffing such as lighting, sound or ticket sales. Scheduling of all rentals is subject to the approval of the application prior to the issuing of a contract. All aspects of the rental agreement must be finalized by the Theatre Manager.

Rate Schedule effective June 1, 2017

All rentals are for an 8 hour period. $200 per hour for each additional hour.

  • Tuscaloosa County resident rate: $1,200 one show; $200 for each additional show on same day (including school shows)
  • Tuscaloosa County resident rate for rehearsal days: $800
  • Out-of-county Promoter rate: $1,300; $200 for each additional show on same day (including school shows)
  • Member Org. Rate for show dates: $700 one show; $200 for each additional show on same day (including school shows). Total cleaning of theatre included per show
  • Member Org. Rate for rehearsal days: $550; basic janitorial service of trash removal and bathroom re-stocking included

Restoration Fee

  • $1 per ticket for all ticketed and non-ticketed events
  • Limit 10% of all occupied seats per show allowable as comps; All comps above 10% of total audience per show subject to facility fee

Film Screening

  • $500 per screening and $10 per hour projector is used. Includes: Digital projector/Blu-ray player/Movie Screen/Sound System
  • Film licensing and 35 mm projection not included. 

Equipment Fees

  • Spotlight: $50 per day; $10/hr. use

Hourly Rates

  • $200 hourly rate for theatre (not for performances or rehearsals- photography only)
  • Theatre Use After Midnight $200 per hour

Late Arrival on Rental Day Fee & Late fee for late showtime start

  • $50 fee per hour after 15 minutes for arrival time set in contract
  • $50 late fee for late showtime start over 15 minutes